CSC Consultancy Group

The Community Score Card Consulting Group is a social enterprise providing support to organisations that are using the Community Score Card as part of their approach anywhere and in any sector. We were set up by CARE in Malawi and provide advice on how to adapt the CSC approach to your particular context. We can train your staff in how to facilitate the engagement of communities, service providers and the authorities.



The rapid take up of the Community Score Card approach since it was first developed by CARE in 2002 is but one indicator of the success of this approach. The results of a randomised control trial in Ntcheu, Malawi, 2012-2015 may be the type of evidence preferred by some while others might value the testimony of community members, service providers, implementing agencies and local government officials about the value of both the approach and the CSC Consulting Group’s support




CSC Consulting Group is there to provide support to the implementation of Community Score Card and similar approaches within your programme. Open source tools, advise, training, and mentoring will help you adapt the CSC approach to your particular circumstances.



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Having started in Malawi the CSC Consulting Group has global ambitions to scale the exciting CSC approach through work with clients anywhere in the world in a growing range of sectors and contexts. So far we have supported programmes in ZZ programmes in 10 countries, xx sectors and yy implementing partners and we aim to double the amount of work we do in 2017



The Community Score Card

CARE Malawi developed the Community Score Card (CSC) in 2002 as part of a project aimed at developing innovative and sustainable models to improve health services. Since then, the CSC has become an internationally recognized participatory governance approach for improving the implementation of quality services – spreading within CARE and beyond. CARE now has over a decade of experience implementing the CSC in a wide variety of contexts and sectors.

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Latest Projects and Publications

The CSC Consulting Group is working with implementing partners to adapt the Community Score Card to a range of new contexts. In Zambia and Malawi we are looking at its use in the forestry and natural resource (including National Park) sectors where community engagement is an often neglected challenge that contributes to environmental degradation.