Community Action Groups rising to the challenge to improve maternal and new-born health in their communities

Community Action Groups have formed to support implementation of the ac on plans that result from the Score Card process. These groups have increasingly taken on responsibility to address barriers to maternal and new-born health in their villages:
In Chigodi, it was identified there was no house for the health worker, nor an ante- natal clinic. So the group mobilized them- selves to haul in the sand and make bricks and they petitioned members of the community to contribute a small amount of money for cement and construction costs. Now they are working to find funds to purchase the iron sheets needed to build the roof.
In Gwedeza, faced with the challenges of transporting women to the hospital during delivery the community mobilized resources to build a stretcher to carry women to the hospital.
In Katsekera, community ac on group along with the health workers jointly mobilized resources to rehabilitate a bridge so women and their children have better access to the health facility by foot or ambulance.