CSC leads to an estimated 57% increase in the use of modern contraception.

“Effects of a social accountability approach, CARE’s Community Score Card (CSC) on reproductive health-related outcomes in Malawi: A cluster-randomized controlled evaluation.”

The cluster-randomized controlled evaluation assessed the CSC’s effect on reproductive health related outcomes in Ntcheu, Malawi. Results demonstrated a large and significant effect on use of modern contraception, with an estimated 57% greater use in the intervention versus control condition at end line.  The evaluation also showed that the CSC increased community health workers’ home visits during pregnancy by 20% and after pregnancy by 6%, compared to control areas. In addition to this, women’s satisfaction with reproductive health services increased significantly, compared with control areas. Further, it was found that the CSC builds mutual accountability, and ensures that solutions to problems are locally-relevant, locally-supported and feasible to implement.

This is the first study to use a rigorous cluster-randomized controlled design to evaluate the effectiveness of CARE’s CSC on a wide range of reproductive health-related outcomes. Click on the link below to read the full article.

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