If you want any support to go from the open source materials of the on-line materials to a more nuanced understanding of how the approach should be implemented in the context of your particular programme then the CSC Consulting Group is there to help with a range of services. Get in touch to discuss what is best for you.

Advisory Services

  • Feasibility review. Discussion of the problems facing your programme and the potential of the community score card approach to help address it.
  • Design Consultation – Detailed contextual analysis, programme design and discussions with the Consulting Group’s Technical Director to agree the role of the Community Score Card and other inclusive governance tools in addressing the identified problem in a particular context. Cost at day rate – to be partly refunded in event of follow up implementation contract
  • Programme design review – 1-2 day review of programme design prior to its inclusion in a funding proposal – cost to be partly refunded in event of implementation contract
  • Implementation and advocacy review – bespoke consultancy support to the implementation phase of the Community Score Card and social accountability component of a programme – advice on analysis of the results generated by the score card process, on design of six monthly repetitions of score card process, on analysis of the political economy context of the programme, adaptions of the programme and on how best to ensure agreed actions are followed up.
  • Audit and organisational review – of community score card and social accountability component of a programme.
  • Problem solver / facilitator – for when the process has become stuck or when there are conflicts that could benefit from the input of an external advisor


Training of your Community Score Card facilitators with practical experience of delivery in one community – 10 days:

  • 1 day review of programme design, 5 days of training trainers on theory and practice of community score card process, 3 days of practical sessions in a community and 1 day of reflection / learning from the practical sessions. Training, to be conducted by 2 experienced facilitators, includes training manuals and final written report for the client


Direct implementation of the Community Score Card process on your behalf

  •  3 days per community plus time for consolidation of findings, follow up, data collection and reporting


Monitoring and research design:

  • Bespoke support to the design of associated monitoring and research processes and to the analysis of the evidence that they generate


‘Technical know-whom’

  • providing connections to others with the experience that you may need in all aspects of the community score card process